Michael Johnstone

Editor, Travel Addict

HeadshotMichael Johnstone grew up in Eastern Canada in a city that was much too small for his own liking. He moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2010 where he teaches English to fourth grade students. He is a frequent contributor to 10 Magazine and is a featured blogger on Internations.org.

You can read his interview with Internations.org here.



Katie Fumerton

Contributor, Hiking Guru

Katie FumertonKatie has been living and working as a teacher in South Korea three years. She is an avid hiker who has conquered more than two dozen different peaks in South Korea and Japan and participated in over 50 climbs. She spends most of the remainder of her time looking for the next summit to reach. She thoroughly enjoys a nice glass of sauvignon blanc.



Anna Power

Contributor, Bangkok Girl

AnnaPowerBangkokGirlAnna is a former lawyer from the North of England. She moved to Bangkok, Thailand in June 2012 with her boyfriend and her two cats. She loves exploring, eating and drinking, seeing new things and trying new places.

Her blog can be found at BangkokGirlBlog.com. She can also be found on Twitter @BangkokGirlBlog.



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