A Single Image of Asia That Will Change How You See the World

There’s a lot of pointless viral media out there, and a disproportionate amount seems to revolve around cats. But there’s one image that you really should see; it will very likely change the way you perceive our planet. 

Circle of Asia

Credit for this simple yet astounding image goes to Reddit user valeriepieris, and since posting, the image has popped up all over the internet.

It’s so simple that it’s hard to believe that it’s true. But according to the Washington Post, the math is solid. They break down the global population as follows:

China: 1,349,585,838 people (per the Census again) India: 1,220,800,359 Indonesia: 251,160,124 Bangladesh: 163,654,860 Japan: 127,253,075 Philippines: 105,720,644 Vietnam: 92,477,857 Thailand: 67,448,120 Burma: 55,167,330 South Korea: 48,955,203 Nepal: 30,430,267 Malaysia: 29,628,392 North Korea: 24,720,407 Taiwan: 23,299,716 Sri Lanka: 21,675,648 Cambodia: 15,205,539 Laos: 6,695,166 Mongolia: 3,226,516 Bhutan: 725,296

… which adds up to a grand total of 3,637,830,357, or roughly 51.4 percent of the global population. 

It might be true that a bit of China is cut off, yet Russia and Pakistan (partially included) aren’t added in this count. Consider, also, the fact that over half of the circle itself is taken up by water, and that Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country on earth. That’s a lot of people crammed into a relatively small space.

So if most of our species is in this small slice of the world, could we safely assume that what happens in Asia will have a profound impact on the future of our world? I think that’s a pretty safe yes.

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