Guitar Heroes: Asia’s Most Talented Guitar Playing Kids

Asian children are often gifted musicians. When I was younger, I won second place at the Kiwanis Music Festival for my age group in piano. An Asian kid won first place. The next year I won first–tied with an Asian kid. Third year, third place. Below two Asian kids. You get the idea.

Japan: Ryunosuke Band’s Punk Rock Kids

Featured on South Korean television, this trio of Japanese preteens are channeling the attitude and hairstyle of legendary punk rocker Sid Vicious, but it has to be said that their vocals are certainly a step up:


South Korea: Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung has been around for a few years now, and is growing up under the watchful admiration of his home country of South Korea. He’s released an album called The Duets, available on iTunes.


Thailand: Child Street Musician

This little guy has some talent, and isn’t afraid to monetize his gift. Hopefully he’s doing well, because he certainly knows how to rock out on a Thai-styled electric guitar.


North Korea: Unknown Children

Had they grown up anywhere other than in North Korea’s repressive, totalitarian regime, these incredible guitar-playing robots children would be rock stars. They really rock out toward the end of the clip. Unfortunately, we’ll likely never hear from them again.


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