This Story Will Break Your Heart

Sometimes the news is so horrific that it’s hard to process the information. Too many tragedies, too many deaths. But this tragic story about a single death is gut-wrenching.

Snowstorm Walker

A resident of Hokkaido braves the storm alone.

Last weekend in Hokkaido, Japan, a freak snowstorm hit the region. Many were trapped in their cars, and some died from suffocation because they left the vehicles running as they were slowly covered in snow, causing the carbon monoxide to backfire into their vehicles.

A man and his daughter were trapped outside in the snow when the storm hit. They were unable to go any further, so the father and his little girl did their best to stay warm. As the storm progressively grew worse, the man took off his own jacket and covered his daughter to keep her as warm as he could.

When rescue workers finally found the man and the girl, she was suffering from hypothermia, but alive. The father was not. He had died holding his daughter close as he slowly slipped out of consciousness.

The man’s name was Mikeo Okada, 53, and he was a simple fisherman. His daughter Nazne is only nine years old, and will have the chance to live out a full and happy life, but only at the cost of her father’s sacrifice. We all hear people talk about what they would do for their children, but this man’s actions spoke louder than his worlds. And his name shouldn’t be forgotten.


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