Best Friends Forever

A lot of people are asking themselves a question this week: Why is Dennis Rodman hanging out with Kim Jong-Un? It’s true, the basketball superstar paid a visit to North Korea and became the first American to meet with the new North Korean dictator. 

BFF HugThe seeds of the friendship were sown long ago, when Kim Jong Un was a student in Switzerland. During this time, Rodman was at his peak, playing with the Chicago Bulls. Kim Jong-Un was a starry eyed fan of the sport, and Rodman was considered one of his heroes.

Best Friends ForeverBut the real credit goes to the Montreal-founded, New York-based Vice Magazine, which is known for its off-beat and unconventional journalism. Having recently landed a new HBO television show, Vice set up the entire event. Kim Jong-Un and Rodman watched a basketball game together among a sea of the identically clad North Korean elite, and later enjoyed dinner and (reportedly excessive) drinking.

It’s no surprise that the United States government is downplaying the incident, but whatever you may think of the unlikely pairing, one must consider the fact that nothing the United States (or any other nation) has done thus far seems to have made any progress with the reclusive nation. At least it brings North Koreans away from the notion of the American people as nothing but imperialist aggressors.

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