A Sticker on the Eleventh Page

My passport sits on the small glass desk in front of me, the golden etchings of the Canadian Coat of Arms staring back.

I’m a little freaked out right now.

Inside the maple-leave backed pages, past the photograph of myself looking less than amused, I flip to the eleventh page and find myself staring at what is essentially a large, official looking sticker. In English, my name, accompanied by a cluster of hangul characters. I am now officially permitted to work in the nation of South Korea.

There are a lot of emotions that wash over you when confronted with major life changes. No doubt this is the largest of all decisions since I decided that I would trade in tight fitting briefs for boxer shorts. A mixture of excitement, panic, confusion, anticipation and shock all hit me at once. Not because of my previous decision to alter my undergarment habits, but because of the sticker on the eleventh page of my passport that sits in front of me now.

Whatever happens in the future, I know that I’m definitely happy with my decision to give myself a little more room to breathe. That goes for the underwear as well.

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