It’s Canada Day.

the-atlanticIt’s been almost two years since I stood on the shores of Nova Scotia as the sun set; knowing this would be the last time I’d see the sight, at least for a long time. Since then, I’ve seen more than I could have imagined, and have completely rewritten my view of the world.

Today is Canada Day, marking the 145th birthday of the nation. On days like these, I feel the urge to be at home to celebrate what is one of the few patriotic holidays that we have. I want to walk along the edge of the Atlantic. I want to kick back next to a lakeside bonfire and drink a bottle of Alexander Keith’s. I want to breathe clean air.

I love Korea, but the longer I’m away from home, the more I appreciate my homeland. And though I have no plans to return anytime soon, I’m proud to be Canadian, damn proud.

I love you, true north strong and free. And I’ll come back to you, someday. In the meantime, here are the immortal words of another expat Canadian:

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