A Cafe la Jelly

Cafe la JellyI suppose it should have been immediately apparent that this particular Korean delight would be terrible. Still, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found myself at the checkout of the 7-11 store below my apartment. I stared at the strange package in the elevator and noticed that the failed attempt at French should have been the first warning sign.

Still, I twisted the cap off, and took a deep breath. And then I sucked.

What came out of the package was surprisingly what you would have expected. Jelly, backed by the taste of coffee. Something akin to coffee-flavoured Jell-o. In short, it was not the most pleasant of experiences. I’m all for coffee flavoured products: ice cream, pudding, and chocolates are all fine. But coffee and jelly is one combination that would best be avoided.

Verdict: An experience, but not the most enjoyable of sensations.

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