The Inconvenient Truth of Dirty Foreigners

An update on Racist MPC Story on Foreigners.
dirty-foreignersEarlier in the month, MBC, a major Korean television network, had aired an incredibly racist story about foreigners dating Korean women. A few young Koreans took it upon themselves to respond.

The original video depicted foreigners as being at high risk of having HIV, as womanizers who relentlessly victimize Korean women, thieves, and to make matters worse, portrayed Korean women as helpless victims.

In response, a group called Brutal Rice Pictures made a hilarious parody entitled The Inconvenient Truth of Dirty Foreigners, a video that unabashedly throws jabs at MBC’s obscenely biased reporting:

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It would be one thing if the video had been made by foreigners upset with being depicted this way, but the fact that it was created primarily by Koreans themselves is a nice reminder that MBC’s racist xenophobia is in no way reflective of the true Korea.

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