Get Ready for Gangnam Style, Part Two: Psy Releases Music Video for “Gentleman”!

For almost a year now, the world has been wondering how Psy will possibly follow up what was likely the most famous song in the world back in 2012. After playing a massive, sold out concert in Seoul this evening, he released the video on YouTube. Here it is.

The GentlemenPsy FieldInnuendoGratuitousThe video features a fair slathering of trademark shots: absurdity, Korean celebrity cameos, and gratuitous female butt-shots.

Noticeably missing, however, is the much loved Psy impersonator kid. And as far as I’m concerned, I could have used a bit more of those somber looking gentlemen at the start of the video. 

It’s probably impossible for Psy to make a better video than Gangnam Style not only because it had a certain brilliant charm in it that is hard to create, but simply because the element of surprise is no longer on his side.

But it’s not a bad follow-up. With a new, easier dance routine that you’re probably going to end up awkwardly seeing your in-laws doing at the next family gathering, a curiously infectious hook, and plenty of innuendo, Psy’s signature immaturity is on full display. He keeps the energy up, and will likely keep his crown as the most loved man from Korea.

And we’ll probably never get tired of gratuitous butt shots.




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