Jjarappappa: Korea’s Greatest Dance Routine?

Korea has a strong fascination with coordinated dance routines, which is immediately evident in the K-Pop scene. But there’s one dance you probably haven’t seen yet, no matter how into Korea you might be…

Let’s face it: Despite having a great video, Psy’s “Gentleman” dance fell short of expectations. Disappointing, yes, but there is hope.

May I formally introduce you to Jjarappappa (짜라빠빠)? Alternatively written as Zzarappappa or another dozen variations, this one truly boggles the mind. I’ve spent the last week trying to figure out exactly where this video came from:



I haven’t yet pinpointed the source of the song, and my theories origin of the video is sketchy at best.

According to a coworker, she remembers the song from around 1994, although it’s possible that the song is older (there are some suggestions it might be as old as 1990). Some have said it was created for children, while others aren’t quite sure, and at least one Christian youth group has frequently used it in camp routines.

The song and dance have gone semi-viral in the Korean corner of the internet, particularly with students who seemingly need to blow off some steam from their exhausting days of studying, studying, and more studying.




My Korean language skills are rather limited, so if anyone has any further information about this utterly fantastic video, please leave a comment below.

And if Zzarappappa isn’t your style, you can always count on Boney M to save the day. And if you can find something more cringe-worthy than this, you have to share. This one’s a jaw-dropper.


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