Korean Air Force Parodies Les Mis

It’s not something you’d expect from the military, but the ROK Air Force posted a 13 minute parody of the musical  Les Miserables on their YouTube page. And it’s fantastic.

Les MilitairablesThe short film, which cost approximately $900 US to produce, has surprisingly high production values and features amazing performances by actual officers in the Korean military. Though technically a parody, the tone is not particularly humorous, but feels more like an homage to the hugely popular classic theatre musical.

South Korean men are conscripted into two years of mandatory military service when they turn 18, a time in their lives when they are likely to be starting romantic relationships, and the separation from their families and loved ones can be difficult, to say the least.

Though it may not reach the epic status of Psy’s Gangnam Style, the video has done quite well, garnering over 3 million views.

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