Faux Korean Drama in Phoenix’s Music Video “Entertainment”

French alternative rock band Phoenix just released a new single for their upcoming album Bankrupt! Aside from being a spectacular song in its own right, the official video for the song pays homage to Korean television in all its glory.

Entertainment-KidsThe video starts off with a small chorus of Korean children singing the main hook of Entertainment and then cuts to fictional Korean drama scenes, fireworks on Seoul’s Yeouido island, gangster flicks, concerts, and North Korean mass games–all the while with characters mouthing the lyrics to the song.

Phoenix has stated that its band members

…are fans of Korean TV soaps, an influential form of entertainment that deals with current society and the issues in pop culture. They explained that the video uses not only scenes from soaps but also images of national division, progressive K-pop culture, and the North Korean mass games, which the band find impressive.

(via The Chosun Ilbo)

Entertainment-ArcheryPart of the brilliance of the video for Entertainment is its adherence to accuracy. Although most of the video was shot in Los Angeles’ Koreatown, it sticks to the low production values that are often associated with Korean dramas, as well as the intensely dramatic scenes that are depicted within. This is not to suggest that Korean dramas are bad, quite the opposite: they are infectiously  addictive, much like the upbeat indie-like sounds of Phoenix.

All in all, if imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Phoenix succeeds in its humble tribute to Korean culture.

Here it is, the music video for Entertainment by Phoenix:


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