100 Korean Dishes: A Hit List

JjimdalkJoe McPherson is Korea’s expat food guru, known in many circles for his passion for Korean food. His food blog, ZenKimchi has compiled a massive list of “100 Korean Foods You Gotta Try“. It’s quite possibly the most comprehensive directory of Korean dining diversity and makes a great hit list if you’re in Korea and you don’t know what you’re missing…





1. Myeolchi Bokkeum (Stir-fried Anchovies)

2. Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

3. Bulgogi (Grilled Marinated Beef)

4. BulDalk (Burn-your-pants-off Spicy Grilled Chicken)

5. DalkBal (Spicy Chicken Feet)

6. Korean Fried Chicken

7. Dalk Galbi (Stir-fried or Grilled Marinated Chicken and Veggies)

8. San Nakji, chopped (Semi-live Baby Octopus)

9. Buddhist Temple Cuisine

10. Sundubu Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew)

11. Jeonbok Juk (Rice Porridge with Abalone)

12. Galbi (Grilled Short Ribs)

13. Galbitang (Beef Rib Soup)

14. Shinseollo (Fancy Hot Pot)

15. Gobchang Gui (Grilled Beef Intestines)

16. Saeng Gan (Raw Beef Liver)

17. Galbi Jjim (Stewed Ribs)

18. BoSsam (Steamed Marinated Pork with Lettuce Wraps)

19. Japchae (Clear Noodles Stir-fried with Pork and Vegetables)

20. Jeyuk Bokkeum (Spicy Stir-fried Pork)

21. Kimchi Jjim (Braised Kimchi with Tofu)

22. Ddong Jip (Chicken Gizzards)

23. Odeng/Eomuk (Street-side Fish Noodles)

24. Hoddeok (Stuffed Street-side Pastries)

25. GeJang (Raw Fermented Crabs)

26. Hongeo (Fermented Skate)

27. Gochujang Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly Smothered in Red Pepper Paste)

28. Lotteria’s Shrimp Burger

29. Sae-u Kang (Shrimp Flavored “Fries”)

30. Doenjang Jjigae (Fermented Bean Paste Stew)

31. Cheonggukjang (Stinky Fermented Bean Paste Stew)

32. Boshintang (Dog Soup)

33. Seonji Haejangguk (Hangover Stew with Clotted Cow Blood)

34. Ddeokbokki (Chewy Rice Cakes in Spicy Sauce)

35. YukHui (Korea’s Steak Tartare)

36. MiyeokGuk (Seaweed Soup)

37. Mae-eunTang (Spicy Fish Soup)

38. Nakji Bokkeum (Stir-fried Baby Octopus)

39. Mareun Ojingeo (Dried Cuttlefish)

40. Beondegi (Silkworm Larvae)

41. Golbaengi (Sea Snails)

42. Jangeo Gui (Grilled Eel)

43. Nakji Gguri (Grilled Octopus Skewers)

44. Bok-eo (Blowfish)

45. Sae-u Sogeum Gui (Salt Grilled Shrimp)

46. Deodeok Root

47. BindaeDdeok (Mung Bean Pancake)

48. Pajeon (Green Onion Pancake)

49. Bibimbap (Mixed Rice and Vegetables)

50. Boribap (Mixed Barley Rice and Vegetables)

51. Jjim Dalk (Andong-style Braised Chicken)

52. Patbingsu (Shaved Ice and Red Bean Treat)

53. Dotorimuk (Acorn Jelly)

54. Naengmyeon (Chilled Noodles)

55. Makkoli/Dongdongju (Rice Beer)

56. Bokbunja (Raspberry Wine)

57. Soju (Rice Whiskey)

58. Andong Soju (Strong Rice Whiskey from the Andong Region)

59. Jogae Gui (Grilled Shellfish)

60. Haepari (Jellyfish)

61. Gyeran Jjim (Steamed Egg)

62. Corn Ice Cream

63. Dolsot Bibimbap (Mixed Rice and Vegetables in a Sizzling Stone Pot)

64. Mandu (Stuffed Dumplings)

65. Ddeokguk (Chewy Rice Cake Soup)

66. Songpyeon (Stuffed Chewy Rice Cakes)

67. Hot Bar (Fried Fish Batter Street Food)

68. Shikhye (Sweet Rice Punch)

69. Any product with Green Tea in it

70. Gujeolpan (Nine-sectioned Dish)

71. Yogurt Soju Cocktail

72. Baechu Kimchi (Cabbage Kimchi)

73. Any Kimchi that’s over a year old

74. Baek Kimchi (White Cabbage Kimchi)

75. Shake-’em-up Dosirak

76. Mul Kimchi (Water Kimchi)

77. Oi Sobaegi (Stuffed Cucumber Kimchi)

78. Ggakdugi (Cubed Radish Kimchi)

79. Sae-u Jeot (Salted Tiny Shrimp)

80. Myeongran Jeot (Salted Pollack Roe)

81. Saengseon Gui (Korean-style Grilled Fish)

82. Ssamjang (Mixed Soybean and Pepper Paste)

83. Kalguksu (Hand-cut Noodle Soup)

84. Ramyeon (Ramen Noodles) in a Tin Pot

85. Entire Hui Meal (Korean style Sashimi)

86. Gimbap (Seaweed Rice Rolls)

87. Jokbal (Pigs Feet)

88. Sundae (Blood and Noodle Sausage)

89. Yeot (Traditional Korean Candy)

90. Naengi (Shepherd’s Purse)

91. Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew)

92. Budae Jjigae (“Army Base” Stew, traditionally including hot dogs and Spam)

93. Agu Jjim (Stewed Monkfish)

94. Haemultang (Seafood Soup)

95. Nurungjitang (Hot Water Mixed with Rice Scrapings in a Stone Pot)

96. Sujebi (Rustic Dumpling Soup)

97. Janchi Guksu (Thin Noodles in a Seaweed Broth with Condiments)

98. BungeoBbang (Goldfish-shaped Stuffed Pastry)

99. Raw Ginseng or anything with Ginseng in it

100. MulHui (Chilled Sashimi Soup)

Reprinted with permission from ZenKimchi. Check it out now!

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  1. Yay, happy to say we inadvertently put a pretty large dent in that list during our time there! Number 100, done well, is one of the favs for sure 🙂 What’s top of your list?

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