Government Food

The mayor of Seoul has announced that he intends to start government-subsidized restaurants in the city, where diners can eat for half the price of a typical meal. The city hopes to provide citizens with meals as cheap as $2.30 USD.

Korean Flag KimbabEating in Korea is almost already one of those things that can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be. From tiny, family owned restaurants to large corporate chains, one can already dine out for as little as $5.00 USD per person. If you’re more into western food, however, the price tends to jump up a bit higher.

Mayor Park Won-Soon hopes to combat hunger and poverty in the city by ensuring that each citizen has access to meals for as little a cost as possible. His vision is for a city where none go hungry, and while you would presume this to be a no-brainer issue, some have expressed concern for local businesses and their ability to compete with government-subsidized restaurants.

As an additional incentive, customers will be able to save money at the restaurant by overpaying for their food, and be able to claim the amount at a later date.

Why not have government subsidized restaurants? After all, in the west, food is already heavily subsidized by the federal government, especially crops such as corn, wheat and soybeans.

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