Salt and Butter Review in 10 Magazine

This month’s issue of 10 Magazine features an article I wrote about a newly opened American restaurant in Apgujeong’s famous Rodeo Street. 


Photo by Michael Johnstone

For those of you who live in Seoul, you can pick up a copy at virtually any restaurant or pub where expats can be found, particularly in the Itaewon district. I would highly recommend Salt and Butter to anyone who’s looking for something delicious, original, and incredibly fresh. The bibimbap burger (pictured below) may not be the best of their brilliant selection of dishes, but it’s a burger that you can only order in two places on Earth, the other being in New York city.

Photo by Michael Johnstone

Photo by Michael Johnstone

While the full review isn’t available online yet, it should be available on 10 Magazine’s website at the end of the month when the issue stops circulating.

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  1. Juls says:

    This definitely looks delicious. And of course the main thing is it’s healthy.

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