Squid Vicious

Squid is a staple food in the Korean diet, but South Korean woman got a nasty surprise in her dinner. 

Gutted squid drying outside on Jeju Island, bearing a striking resemblance to a certain H.R. Giger creation.
Photo by Michael Johnstone

Over the past two years I’ve eaten a lot of things that have made my stomach turn, but squid ranks fairly low on the yuck factor. It’s something I end up seeing on my lunch plate at least once or twice a week, and it’s fairly tame. A tentacle here, a tentacle there, fairly routine stuff in the east.

But in June, a Korean woman bit into her squid dinner, only to have the deceased cephalopod attempt to impregnate her mouth. Squid carry sperm sacs in their bodies, and when the poor woman bit into her meal (it was a whole squid, not a gutted one), the sacs ruptured, forcing out a dozen or so razor-sharp spermatophores. Much like a handful of spears, they lodged in her mouth.

Doctors were able to remove them, but I’m curious if this has in any way decreased her appetite for the dish. I’m certainly not biting into a whole squid any time soon.

You can the full story here.

“Squid for dinner, who wants some spermatophores?”

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