The Meteoric Rise of Korean Food

In a few short years, Korean food has gone from being obscure to a solid member of the world culinary community.

DSC03865A few weeks ago, the TED organizers made their way to Seoul. Among the guests invited to speak was Joe McPherson, founder of ZenKimchi, one of the most well-known Korean food blogs in the country, as well as being 10 Magazine‘s food editor. In his talk he explains some of the changing perceptions of Korean food and what is driving the Korean wave.

Watch Joe McPherson’s TED talk on the rise of Korean food on the global stage and how it went from an invisible underdog to a world-renowned cuisine:


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  1. Bibimbap and bulgogi are divine. I recently had a vegetarian bibimbap and they served it on a hot stone–delicious. Good post 🙂 I find TED talks most eloquent.

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