Korean Gangstas: Hyeong-Don and Dae-Jun Are Funny in Any Language

Last year when Psy was being launched into global superstardom, two South Koreans combined forces to create a comedy powerhouse that probably deserved just as much attention as Gangnam Style. Here’s what you probably missed.

Hyungdon & Daejun – 껭스타랩 Vol.1June 2012. Jeong Hyeong-Don, a comedian and television host in South Korea, teams up with rapper Defconn, aka Yoo Dae-Joon. Together they release a single called The Gloomy Song, an infectious rap tune with a simple beat and comical repetition. The song is successful enough that the duo releases an album  together titled Gangsta Rap, Volume 1.

Hyeong-Don’s humour is peculiar, in that his persona is generally not funny. He’s an 어색한 뚱보; an “awkward piggy” who often throws off the balance of his troupe. He’s the guy that tries to add on to something funny someone has just said, but fails miserably.  Dae-Joon similarly keeps a straight face, but his outdated style and lyrical satire make him a likeable figure nonetheless. In fact, the duo is vaguely reminiscent of a Korean version of Trailer Park Boys, a show proudly made in my home city with low production values and over-the-top cliches.

Most videos have English in their captioning track.

Meet Me

Meet me is the story of a man who can’t get a break in love. He’s hideous and creepy–that guy you’ve seen leaning over to smell a girl’s  hair on public transportation.


Get Out

Before anyone gets freaked out or points any fingers, they’re not dropping N-bombs. Nae-ga is a the Korean word for or my. I’ve heard horror stories of Koreans getting a lot of aggression because of the similarity in the sounds of the words. So relax. They’re not that into gangsta rap.


The Gloomy Song

It’s the song that’s meant to make you feel better, but probably ends up making you feel worse. Unfortunately, there’s no captioning on this version, but the lyrics can be found here.


Oh Yeah!

This one’s about making do with bad situations. It’s definitely over the top. Oh Yeah!




This one’s an instructional song about how to be the perfect man. The one that doesn’t exist. Complete with obscenely cute Korean girls, cross-dressing  and a nod to Psy’s Gangnam Style.


Hanshim Cart Bar

This track is Hyeong-Don & Dae-Jun’s foray into the world of more serious music. It’s video is conventional, and it deals much more seriously with love and heartbreak. It’s certainly not funny, but it’s worth a listen if you’re a K-Pop fan, with higher production values and several shots of Korean soju drinking habits.




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