Accidentally, On Purpose: Korean Man Publicly Commits Suicide

In Seoul last week a male rights activist jumped off a bridge in Seoul in front of photographers and disappeared into the murky water below.

Seong Jae-KiIt was several days before the body of¬†Seong Jae-ki was found and pulled out of the Han River. Seong was well known as a “male rights activist” who claimed that men in Korea were underrepresented. His organization, Man of Korea¬†claimed to be fighting for equality between the genders.

Whether or not Seong was truly seeking to commit suicide is debated. On the organization’s website, Seong claimed that he wanted to raise money for his organization which was in deep financial trouble. He stated that he wanted to raise 100 million won ($89,000USD) to keep his organization in business. But when photographers gathered on the bridge and Seong made the leap into the water below, disappeared, and his dead body wasn’t found by police for four days.


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