Psy Runs Free in Seoul

Last Friday Psy made good on a promise that if Gangnam Style were to take the number one spot in the US charts, he’d put on a free concert in Seoul. Although the song is currently in the number two spot, he went ahead with the show anyway.

Photo by the Chosun Ilbo

The crowd was one of the most intense I’ve ever seen. If you think the Seoul Subway system is dangerously crowded on a Friday night, it wouldn’t even come close to this. It was one of those crowds where you get pushed hard, knocking you off your feet. But you can’t fall because of the bodies pushed up against you. You just levitate.

In the crowd of 80,000 packed into Seoul Plaza in front of City Hall, Psy put on an amazing performance, proving to those less familiar with his music that he’s far more than just a one hit wonder. (In Korea he has been performing since 1999 and his catalog is well known among Koreans).

Gangnam Style was saved for last, and Psy took the opportunity to rip off his shirt at the end of the show.

With all those bodies crammed into Seoul Plaza, I couldn’t help but think he probably had the right idea.

Photo by the Chosun Ilbo

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  1. Ashley says:

    He seems so fun!

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