Sexy and Surreal: 2NE1’s “Scream” Isn’t That Ear Piercing

2NE1 is set to release an album in English in the United States sometime this year. Under the guidance of Black Eyed Pea (?), it’s possible that Americans will find themselves drunkenly spasming to a whole new version of this song come October. 

"Well, I suppose since I'm here, I might as well sing..."

“Well, I suppose since I’m here, I might as well sing…”

2NE1 was quickly launched into K-Pop superstardom after performing a song for an LG cell phone back in 2009. Since then they’ve picked up a slew of Korean music awards and is highly successful outside of Korea, gaining particular notoriety in Japan.

Filled with singing animal heads, impossible rooms, human dolls, and other surreal eye-candy, Scream isn’t a bad video. There are moments in the song where it feels a bit like you’ve stepped back into the 1980’s, and that’s not always a bad thing. If there’s a K-Pop group that stands a good chance of making it with western audiences, 2NE1 is definitely a contender.



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