Stranger Than Psy: Lim Chang-Jeong is Quietly Hilarious

Perhaps we’ve all had our share Gangnam Style and Gentleman, but fortunately there’s a new weirdo in town. Say hello, or rather, yeoboseyo to K-Pop’s newest quirky star. 

Open The Door 3If Lim Chang-Jeong is attempting to ride on the comic success of Psy’s Gangnam Style and Gentleman video, then he’s doing an amazing job. His new video subtly mocks the quirky dance moves and gaudy costumes that propelled Psy onto the global pop music scene. Though the song has a vaguely familiar sound, it’s catchy in its own right, and funnier than Gentleman ended up being.



Lim’s temper tantrum at the start of the video, launched by being ignored for smartphone-obsessed twenty-somethings is a reaction that many can sympathize with; who hasn’t been ignored by someone fiddling with their phone right in front of you? It’s also adorably reminiscent of a certain angry panda that graced the airwaves with his calmly aggressive tactics.



Open The Door 2After his smartphone rage attack, Lim  goes on to right all of the wrongs in Seoul, moving from situation to situation, directing his no-nonsense gaze at those who get on his nerves. And it’s a creepy gaze indeed, somewhere between serial killer and creepy pervert. The kind that let’s you know you’re on thin ice. The video, for K-Pop and Korean TV fans, is also loaded with cameos.

Open the Door 1Open the Door (문을 여시오) is a single from Lim’s new mini album A Guy Like Me (나란놈이란) which is more serious than a song like Open the Door lets on. Like Psy, Lim (alternately and more accurately spelled “Im”) has been in the spotlight for a long time. An actor as well as a musician, Lim (임창정) has been on the music scene since 1995 and acting since 1990.


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