What the Volcano Built

Magma, magma, magma.

Photo by Michael Johnstone

Photo by Michael Johnstone

Jeju Island was born when Halla Mountain (Hallasan) erupted a few million years ago. Magma from the eruption cooled around the volcano, giving birth to one of the new 7 Natural Wonders of the World, an island made purely from cooled molten rock. The island is so unique and breathtaking that I have been forced to write about it in more than one post–and even those that I do write don’t do the island justice.

Almost every attraction on the island is a direct result of this single, earth-shaking eruption. Rock formations that seem eerily unnatural, underground lava tubes, and at the center of the island, Halla mountain itself. Photos, of course, are inadequate. It’s something you need to see for yourself.

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