Skip Taipei 101: Elephant Mountain Has the Best View of the City

For a few years, Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world, so many people heading to the capital of Taiwan head to the observation deck to get a view of the city. But a short hike up one of the city’s mountains will give you better views by far.

Elephant Mountain StatuesFarming Elephant MountainDon’t be afraid of the words “mountain” and “hike”, it’s not a long journey to the top of Elephant Mountain (象山), and the path to the peak is full of scenery. A bamboo forest full of wildlife, a small temple hidden away from the noise of the city, and tonnes of boulders (pardon the pun) are there to make the journey to the top more interesting.

Elephant Mountain can easily be done in 30 minutes, or if your in good shape, much less time. And the best news is that it’s only a fifteen minute walk from Taipei 101, so you can see both in a relatively short period of time.

We made our trip to the top in the morning, but Elephant Mountain is quite popular at night for it’s breathtaking view of the city lights, and can get crowded as people ascend to the top to take photos from the peak as the sun sets over Taipei. But whatever time of the day you go, Elephant Mountain promises some of the best views you’ll get of Taipei.

Elephant Mountain TempleEngravingElephant Mountain Taipei 101


Here’s how to get to Elephant Mountain:
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