Dead Kitten Found in Otherwise Delicious Sausage

A Thai woman and her family were enjoying a delicious meal of foot-long sausages when an unexpected surprise revealed itself. It’s likely this story will turn you off processed meat for a while.

Visual approximation. Source

Visual approximation.

The woman had just sat down for dinner having bought the sausages from a local market, and started digging in. When they had reached the third sausage, they realized that somehow an entire kitten had been packaged inside. Likely, it was the face that tipped her off.


Not a visual approximation. Click to enlarge if you never want to eat sausage again.

The story takes an even stranger twist when the woman built a shrine for the dead sausage kitten. People from nearby, including complete strangers, started coming to visit the shrine of the unfortunate feline. In the same week, she, and others who visited the shrine won a small amount in the lottery, and has felt the need to point out the connection.

An investigation as to whether the sausage maker was intentionally adding cat into the sausage meat is ongoing, although one has to wonder why it wouldn’t have been ground first before being tubed.

Enjoy your dinner.


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