Slow Motion Sports: Elephant Polo is Actually a Thing in Thailand

Thailand is home to the strange sport of elephant polo, where riders on the backs of elephants slowly try to play their way across a 100 meter field to score points. This week team Rueang Chang squared off against the all-ladyboy team Tiffany ahead of the main event.

Elephant PoloIt’s all part of an annual tournament held in Hua-Hin, a small resort a few hundred kilometers from the Thai capital of Bangkok. The elephants used in the game are all normally working elephants, and the event is to support a charity for elephant welfare. The elephants who participated were rewarded with a buffet of fruit and a day off from their normal labour.

As you can imagine, it’s not the world’s most action-packed sport, but participants and spectators have been enjoying the tournament since 2001.

Rueang Chang defeated Tiffany with a final score of 10-3


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