The Great Annual Water Fight: Photos From Songkran 2013

Every year in April, all of Thailand becomes a battlezone as virtually every resident grabs a water gun, bucket, or handful of talcum powder (or a combination of the three). The Songkran festival is their way of celebrating their New Year. Here are photos from this years celebrations! This one’s on my bucket list for sure.

Madeleine Holland-PA-PA-KidsPhoto by Madeline Holland

8644357365_ca876d4164_zPhoto by Madeleine Holland 


Photo by Madeleine Holland

8513550012_84b1795916_zPhoto by John Shedrick

8604645483_a03aaf612b_zPhoto by John Shedrick

8605750524_916e3110c9_zPhoto by John Shedrick

Songkran_002aaPhoto by Takeaway

5633739694_a333dde2c7_zPhoto by Prentice Wongvibulsin

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  1. Indian Tourist says:

    I never heard about Songkran festival before.. so much fun with water 🙂 Lovely pictures guys.

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