Girl Model: A House of Mirrors in the Teen Modelling World

Nadya Vall was 13 years old when she entered the world of modelling though an agency in Toyko, Japan. What she got was a series of manipulations and deceptions that preyed on her youth and inexperience. Or did she?

No Dancing: Japan’s Anti-Dance Law is Strange, But True

It might seem like an old puritanical Calvinist idea, but Japan still holds to a strict law on dancing in public. No need to rub your eyes, you’re really reading that correctly. NO DANCING.

Into the Uncanny Valley: Why Scientists in Japan Are Spanking Robots

If someone were to ask you the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “Japan”, many would immediately reply “Robots!” Japan is definitely on the cutting edge of robotic science, and one of their latests projects is a rather realistic human bum.

Japanese Man Arrested for Poisoning Woman’s Shoes

A man was arrested in Japan for allegedly putting poison in the shoes of a woman he was stalking. The woman survived, but had to have her toes amputated on one foot to save her life. 

Life in the Dust Bin: Yellow Dust Season Is Here

Each year in the early spring, residents in eastern Asia dread the onslaught of yellow-tinted dust that billows across the sky and settles on, well, everything.

This Story Will Break Your Heart

Sometimes the news is so horrific that it’s hard to process the information. Too many tragedies, too many deaths. But this tragic story about a single death is gut-wrenching.

The Radiation Report

Two years after the disaster in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, a new report by the World Health Organization suggests that the increased risk of citizens getting cancer is minimal. 

Sexualized Teens: AKB48 and Jailbait Culture

Anyone who spends more than two minutes walking the streets of Toyko’s Akihabara district will probably spot it immediately. There’s a barely-hidden obsession with young teen girls in Japan.