Orchestrated Chaos: The Infinite Allure of Shibuya, Tokyo

In the depths of inner Toyko lies an intersection that may be the most iconic in the world. Shibuya Crossing is one of those places that immediately grip you with a sense of its notoriety in films and photography. When the traffic lights turn red in all directions a sort of orchestrated chaos is set […]

Osaka Rising: Japan’s Most Overlooked City?

Tokyo and Kyoto certainly get their fair share of attention from the world. But Osaka has it’s own thing going on, and it’s rather unique.

The Night I Slept in a Tube: Japanese Capsule Hotels

The Japanese are known for efficiency. They pride themselves on it. So when it came to making a hotel as cheap and efficient, Japan found a way to make it surprisingly minimalistic. And shockingly homey. 

Hello, Asimo: A Visit to Tokyo’s Miraikan Science Museum

If your inner nerd yearns for a glimpse of the future and you find yourself in Tokyo, it’s a good idea to stop in for a few hours at Miraikan. It’s Toyko’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology, and it features a close encounter with the world’s most famous robot.

The Immortal Mount Fuji

It’s been mythologized in literature, photography, poetry, and paintings. Mount Fuji is easily one of the most recognizable mountains anywhere in the world. Peaking at 3,776.24 m (12,389 ft), this quiet volcano offers one of the most powerful and awe-inspiring adventures in Asia.

The Japanese Idol Room Experience

It’s mid-afternoon in Akihabra. I’ve been in and out of shops all morning, bewildered by cutesy anime characters, girls in costume, tight clusters of shoppers, and an array of noise from every direction. On my way down the street I stop to picture-read another cluster of signs on the side of the road, but I […]

Michael and the Maid Cafe

In the weeks leading up to my first trip to the world’s largest megacity, I spent quite a bit of time giggling to myself at some of the options that were presenting themselves to me.

The Alternate Universe of Akiba

In the northeastern side of central Tokyo lies a district like no other place in the world.