Hahoe Time Machine: Korea’s Most Beautiful Village is in Andong

Although much of old Korea has been lost through war and an insatiable desire to modernize, Andong’s Hahoe village is a time capsule to a distant world.

Footsteps in the Dark: Weekday Night Hiking in Seoul

The daily grind can really wear you down in a workaholic city like Seoul. Fortunately, the city is surrounded by natural beauty and easy escapes. Katie Fumerton contributed this guide to night hiking in Seoul with some great suggestions for safety and how you can meet up with other weekday night hikers. 

WTF? Superstitions and Unique Ceremonies of Korea

I may still do double take of the severed pig’s head that is waiting for me at the peak of a mountain, but I just stop and think sarcastically, of course that’s happening. Why wouldn’t that be happening?

Along the Watchtower: Exploring Seoul’s Fortress Wall

One of the most amazing things about Seoul is experiencing a vast sense history and deep rooted culture within a modern, vastly huge city. You can easily admire a massive skyscraper, blink, and stand in awe of  traditional houses, temples, and palaces.

Hiking Korea’s Dobangsan and the Y-Valley

Spring is coming and the urge to rise from a long winter of  hibernation is growing. With the warmer weather seemingly approaching, why not plan to kick start spring with a hike?  Dobangsan is a steady and rewarding climb that gives you a great view of the north east side of Seoul.

The Legend of Sanbang Mountain

Some have said that once you’ve seen a Buddhist temple, you’ve seen them all. Not so, especially at Jeju’s Sanbangsan.

Saryang Island: One of Korea’s Best Hikes

Taekwondo is officially Korea’s national sport, but hiking may be its most popular. Here’s one of Korea’s best hidden hiking spots.

Moving Up in the World: Hiking Cheongye Mountain

Despite the reality that it is late in November, a warm Sunday affords a unique opportunity. We decide to head Cheongyesan, a mountain located less than ten minutes from our apartment on the bus. A hop on the shuttle and soon I find myself standing at the foot of a mountain that I fully intend […]