More Squid Please! A Look at School Lunches in Asia

In the United States, what children are served on their plates has become a hot issue, especially with Michelle Obama’s push to make nutrition a priority in America. Here’s a look at what students across Asia are putting on their plates.

Government Food

The mayor of Seoul has announced that he intends to start government-subsidized restaurants in the city, where diners can eat for half the price of a typical meal. The city hopes to provide citizens with meals as cheap as $2.30 USD.

100 Korean Dishes: A Hit List

Joe McPherson is Korea’s expat food guru, known in many circles for his passion for Korean food. His food blog, ZenKimchi has compiled a massive list of “100 Korean Foods You Gotta Try“. It’s quite possibly the most comprehensive directory of Korean dining diversity and makes a great hit list if you’re in Korea and […]

Cook It With Kimchi

At lunch I sat looking down at my food in awe. Cafeteria food, globally, is not generally looked upon in a favorable light.

Beondaegi: How to Eat Boiled Worms

Anyone venturing into the Asian continent is bound to have an encounter with some form of insect cuisine. In South Korea, Beondaegi (번데기) is the go-to snack for high protein munchies.


This month in 10 Magazine I was back in Apgujeong to  took a look at a refreshingly unique idea for a restaurant.

Squid Vicious

Squid is a staple food in the Korean diet, but South Korean woman got a nasty surprise in her dinner. 

The Meteoric Rise of Korean Food

In a few short years, Korean food has gone from being obscure to a solid member of the world culinary community.