The Cocktail Bar at the End of the Universe

Monday Chuseok week has finally begun. As most of the city streams out of the metropolis into small towns, the beaches of Busan and the volcanic hills of Jeju Island, we find ourselves in a much less crowded city. We headed to Hyehwa, a neighbourhood in the northern reaches of Seoul, for dinner. After another […]

A Typhoon and a Hanok Village

Under the Eye of the Buddha

Monday Night falls over the city. I’m alone in my apartment, wondering how to kill an hour. The humidity seems to have finally broken in the last few days, with the sweltering, sticky days giving way to warm but drier days. This makes the evenings rather comfortable. I decide to go for a walk. Down […]

A Lazy Weekend

Friday As the weekend finally rolls around I have very little remaining energy. It has been a challenging week, as Shawn and Ashley, our senior teachers have departed for their backpacking trip around Asia. Their contract is over, and before heading back to BC they wanted to get one last slice of this side of […]

Well, If Simon Says…

  Simon doesn’t like it when you smoke near him.

New Arrivals, Old Buildings

Friday Yesterday a new arrival came to town. Another friend from Nova Scotia. We are arriving in droves these days. We meet up with Nick at a subway station in Mokdong and head to a Hof. A Hof is a Korean bar with a stolen German name. I was immediately suspicious when I arrived to […]

Sometimes I Worry About My Kids

Wondering if some of my students have suffered severe psychological trauma.


One of the most interesting and delicious foods that I’ve come across since relocating to Seoul would have to be Galbi. From Wikipedia: Galbi or kalbi generally refers to a variety of gui or grilled dishes in Korean cuisine that is made with marinated beef (or pork) short ribs in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy […]