The Raccoon Dogs of Asia

There’s a strange critter running around the eastern world that might surprise you. Asia is home to a bizarre, yet adorable little animal that many people don’t even know exists.

More Squid Please! A Look at School Lunches in Asia

In the United States, what children are served on their plates has become a hot issue, especially with Michelle Obama’s push to make nutrition a priority in America. Here’s a look at what students across Asia are putting on their plates.

Life in the Dust Bin: Yellow Dust Season Is Here

Each year in the early spring, residents in eastern Asia dread the onslaught of yellow-tinted dust that billows across the sky and settles on, well, everything.

This Is Arirang: A Different Kind of Flashmob

On March 1st, a collaboration of student organizations took to the streets of Insadong for an orchestral flashmob. I have to admit, the whole thing made me a bit teary eyed. 

Shootout in Itaewon

Despite being one of the largest cities in the world, Seoul is incredibly safe and quiet. In a strangely action-packed incident last Saturday afternoon, Seoul police were involved in a high-speed chase with shots fired. 

Best Friends Forever

A lot of people are asking themselves a question this week: Why is Dennis Rodman hanging out with Kim Jong-Un? It’s true, the basketball superstar paid a visit to North Korea and became the first American to meet with the new North Korean dictator. 

The Dictator’s Daughter

Park Geun-Hye was sworn into office as the new president of South Korea on Monday, becoming the nation’s first female president. But who is the woman who grew up under the shadow of one of South Korea’s most controversial leaders?

Korean Man Hurls Feces at Japanese Embassy

A Korean man was arrested for hurling feces at the Japanese embassy last Friday, in response to the observance of “Takeshima Day”.