The Trick Eye Museum

One of Hongdae’s best known attractions is a simple-yet-clever gallery of whimsy.

The Plight of the Cicada: The Story of the Saddest Insect on Earth

Each year, around late July, the cicada returns to Seoul. This morning on the drive to work, I noticed that they’ve emerged from the ground and have began their brief journey to the treetops. Despite the minor annoyance of their noise, this makes me happy.

Gangnam Style

Update: You can find a larger collection of Gangnam Style videos and articles here. For too long I’ve ignored an unavoidable segment of Korean culture: K-Pop.

Losing Kids

It’s the hardest time of the year.

Squid Vicious

Squid is a staple food in the Korean diet, but South Korean woman got a nasty surprise in her dinner. 

The Meteoric Rise of Korean Food

In a few short years, Korean food has gone from being obscure to a solid member of the world culinary community.

Salt and Butter Review in 10 Magazine

This month’s issue of 10 Magazine features an article I wrote about a newly opened American restaurant in Apgujeong’s famous Rodeo Street. 

The Government is Not Laughing

Freedom of speech is in South Korea’s constitution, but with a few strings attached.