No Moses Required: The Parting of the Sea on Jin Island

One of the most well-known bible stories is that of Moses parting the sea to allow the Jews to escape their Egyptian masters. But there’s an annual sea parting that is much lesser known that proves that you don’t need divine intervention to walk across the ocean floor.

The Waste Land: Photos from Inside a Ghost Town in Korea’s Capital

Seoul, like most large cities, is in a constant state of construction and demolition. Here’s a look inside one of Korea’s ghost towns, an entire neighbourhood marked for destruction.

The Forbidden Pool

Sometimes you just have to strip down and do something you know you probably shouldn’t.

The Legend of Sanbang Mountain

Some have said that once you’ve seen a Buddhist temple, you’ve seen them all. Not so, especially at Jeju’s Sanbangsan.

Sexy Time in Loveland

Forget about lava tubes and Halla Mountain…Jeju’s most well-known attraction among expats, not┬ásurprisingly, is Loveland.

The Naked Truth About Jimjilbangs

All expats in Korea soon learn about the nation’s vast network of family bath houses. But not everyone is comfortable hanging out nude with a bunch of strangers. Here’s a naked look at jimjilbang culture.

Garlic! The Festival

Namhae, Korea knows how to celebrate one of nature’s most delicious offerenings, festival style.

Never Trust a Cell Phone

There’s a reason why expats need to learn some basic language skills in their host country. Here’s why you should never trust a cell phone.