Red Candles in the Dark: Longshan Temple is One of Asia’s Best

Deep in one of Taipei’s buzzing night markets, surrounded by street vendors and scooter filled streets is one of Asia’s most stunning temples. It’s not the biggest or the oldest, but it might just change the way you see temples forever.

Skip Taipei 101: Elephant Mountain Has the Best View of the City

For a few years, Taipei 101 was the tallest building in the world, so many people heading to the capital of Taiwan head to the observation deck to get a view of the city. But a short hike up one of the city’s mountains will give you better views by far.

Asia’s Invisible Nation: A First Look at Taiwan

There’s a small island nation in Asia that never gets enough attention from travellers, expats, and the world at large. Maybe because it’s not technically a nation at all. Taiwan has a lot to offer, and anyone making a trek around Asia ought to give it a second look.

More Squid Please! A Look at School Lunches in Asia

In the United States, what children are served on their plates has become a hot issue, especially with Michelle Obama’s push to make nutrition a priority in America. Here’s a look at what students across Asia are putting on their plates.