Bangkok Shutdown: Citizens Protesting Government Corruption

As of January 13th of this month, the city of Bangkok, Thailand has been shutdown in a political protest against widespread government corruption. 

Tissue Alert: The Saddest Commercial in the World is from Thailand

There are few things that are more gut-wrenching than poverty, so when you watch this recently released commercial from Thailand, be sure to have some tissue ready. 

Slow Motion Sports: Elephant Polo is Actually a Thing in Thailand

Thailand is home to the strange sport of elephant polo, where riders on the backs of elephants slowly try to play their way across a 100 meter field to score points. This week team Rueang Chang squared off against the all-ladyboy team Tiffany ahead of the main event.

Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head, Trainer Likely Gets the Message

Maybe sticking your head in a crocodiles mouth is a bad idea. Maybe when that crocodile decides to chomp down on your relatively tender skull, he’s trying to tell you something.

The Great Annual Water Fight: Photos From Songkran 2013

Every year in April, all of Thailand becomes a battlezone as virtually every resident grabs a water gun, bucket, or handful of talcum powder (or a combination of the three). The Songkran festival is their way of celebrating their New Year. Here are photos from this years celebrations! This one’s on my bucket list for […]

Forget to Keep Hidden: Thai Ladyboys in the Media

Ikea released a television advertisement that has many transgender Thais upset. Forget to Keep Hidden is an attempt to be funny, but does it succeed at the expense of a minority?

Dead Kitten Found in Otherwise Delicious Sausage

A Thai woman and her family were enjoying a delicious meal of foot-long sausages when an unexpected surprise revealed itself. It’s likely this story will turn you off processed meat for a while.