5 Lesser-Known Temples in Asia

For thousands of years the nations of Asia have been undertaking immensely stunning projects of architecture. Here are some of the lesser known, but remarkably breathtaking, temples of Asia.

Forget to Keep Hidden: Thai Ladyboys in the Media

Ikea released a television advertisement that has many transgender Thais upset. Forget to Keep Hidden is an attempt to be funny, but does it succeed at the expense of a minority?

Dead Kitten Found in Otherwise Delicious Sausage

A Thai woman and her family were enjoying a delicious meal of foot-long sausages when an unexpected surprise revealed itself. It’s likely this story will turn you off processed meat for a while.

Seeking the Truth at Thailand’s Tiger Temple

In Western Thailand along the border of Myanmar is one of Thailand’s most controversial attractions: the Tiger Temple. Run by an order of Buddhist monks, visitors can mingle with the tigers up close and personal.

Skip the Cobra Show

While visiting Thailand I found myself sitting in the front row of a show that I immediately regretted. It’s main attraction? A cobra fighting a mongoose. Here’s what happened.

The Coffee Ballet

It’s hard to stay enthusiastic about work sometimes. When Monday morning rolls around it’s often difficult to find the energy, or the enthusiasm, to give it 100%. But not for this coordinated and unconventionally gifted coffee vendor in Thailand.

The Floating Markets of Thailand

Not far from the gritty streets of Thailand’s capital city lies the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Built up along a river in Ratchaburi Province, you can shop down the river in a small rented boat that pulls up along vendors in boats and along the shore.

A Nation Known as Taeguk

There is a common desire among expats in Korea that starts to bubble to the surface after living here for a few months. After settling into the ragged groove of English teaching, which is never without its bumps, the urge to take advantage of the primely located Korean peninsula begins to take hold. After not […]