Xizi She Knows: Imogen Heap’s Hiatus in China

Imogen Heap is not an expat, exactly. The British born singer still resides in London, but took 6 weeks out of her incredibly hectic recording and performing schedule for a working hiatus in Hangzhou, China. The resulting song, and video, is one of profoundly complex beauty.

Imogen Heap on Chinese television.

Imogen Heap on Chinese television.

The quirky, charming girl from Havering, London is probably best known for her 2005 song Hide and Seek, which was massively successful. Her experimental, futuristic style has become iconic, and Heap is known to use anything and everything to make music. In 2012, she joined a group of musicians who travelled to China for artistic inspiration.


NewsprintThe result for Imogen Heap, was Xizi She Knows. Equal parts whimsical, traditional, and synthetic, the song churns forward with the perpetual march of the Chinese empire. Along with the song, Heap recorded a unique music video with an interesting premise: for an entire day, every hour, she arranged to have everyday locations play host to artistic celebrations of life. Heap discusses the video, and the journey below:



And here’s the end result of Heap’s six weeks in China. Xizi She Knows. I highly recommend watching it in HD with a good set of headphones!


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