The Asian Persuasion is looking for writers:

MacbookIf you live, have previously lived, or spent time somewhere in Asia and want to contribute your stories, commentary, or simply write about interesting news stories in the region, we want you to contribute!

We work on the WordPress platform, which has a very easy learning curve if you’re not already familiar. Writers will be given a contributor account where they can write their stories and submit for publication.

You may also submit stories by email below.

All stories are credited to the original author.

I have a blog…can I submit previously published articles?

Yes. If you already have a blog you can submit articles you have already written. We will link back to your blog, which is a great way to increase traffic to your site.

We need writers for:

  • News about interesting things happening in Asia.
  • Feature articles on any Asia related topic of interest.
  • Local guides, tourist spots, and

If you’d like to join the team, please contact us here.

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