Japanese Man Arrested for Poisoning Woman’s Shoes

A man was arrested in Japan for allegedly putting poison in the shoes of a woman he was stalking. The woman survived, but had to have her toes amputated on one foot to save her life. 

Asia’s Invisible Nation: A First Look at Taiwan

There’s a small island nation in Asia that never gets enough attention from travellers, expats, and the world at large. Maybe because it’s not technically a nation at all. Taiwan has a lot to offer, and anyone making a trek around Asia ought to give it a second look.

Hello, Asimo: A Visit to Tokyo’s Miraikan Science Museum

If your inner nerd yearns for a glimpse of the future and you find yourself in Tokyo, it’s a good idea to stop in for a few hours at Miraikan. It’s Toyko’s National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology, and it features a close encounter with the world’s most famous robot.

Korean Gangstas: Hyeong-Don and Dae-Jun Are Funny in Any Language

Last year when Psy was being launched into global superstardom, two South Koreans combined forces to create a comedy powerhouse that probably deserved just as much attention as Gangnam Style. Here’s what you probably missed.

Escape to Ko Samet, Part Three: A Dane, A New Yorker, and Two Swiss Girls

Finding a nice white patch of beach in Thailand should be easy, but hasn’t been. In the last installation I found myself trapped in Pattaya, freshly scarred by the horror of a ping pong show. And now the conclusion.

Xizi She Knows: Imogen Heap’s Hiatus in China

Imogen Heap is not an expat, exactly. The British born singer still resides in London, but took 6 weeks out of her incredibly hectic recording and performing schedule for a working hiatus in Hangzhou, China. The resulting song, and video, is one of profoundly complex beauty.

Guitar Heroes: Asia’s Most Talented Guitar Playing Kids

Asian children are often gifted musicians. When I was younger, I won second place at the Kiwanis Music Festival for my age group in piano. An Asian kid won first place. The next year I won first–tied with an Asian kid. Third year, third place. Below two Asian kids. You get the idea.

Escape to Ko Samet, Part Two: Pardon the Ping Pong Show

Pattaya. City of Eastern European tourists and hoards of burned-out freelance Thai prostitutes. It’s January, and I’m just trying to find a nice stretch of beach with pure white sand and very few people. I’ll find it, eventually, but not here.