Government Food

The mayor of Seoul has announced that he intends to start government-subsidized restaurants in the city, where diners can eat for half the price of a typical meal. The city hopes to provide citizens with meals as cheap as $2.30 USD.

Insadong Burning

Last night Seoul’s well known neighbourhood of Insadong caught fire and burned for several hours. The area is one of the most visited spots in the city, with traditional shops lining beautiful streets and alleyways.

You Can’t Un-Hear It

E-Mart’s “happy song” is quite possibly South Korea’s most powerful earworm. Once you’ve heard it, you can’t un-hear it, and it’s guaranteed to ring around in your head for several days afterward. Gangnam Style has nothing on this little ditty.

Korean Air Force Parodies Les Mis

It’s not something you’d expect from the military, but the ROK Air Force posted a 13 minute parody of the musical ¬†Les Miserables¬†on their YouTube page. And it’s fantastic.

Neighbours With Nukes

North Korea set off a nuclear detonation on Tuesday morning. Yawn.

You Can’t Go Home Again

Get caught in a paperwork nightmare. Panic. Drop 1.5 million KRW on a one way ticket to Eastern Canada. Take a deep breath. Climb in a tin can. Spend 26 hours in can. Emerge bewildered and confused at two in the morning. Stumble into the cold, humid Canadian air.

100 Korean Dishes: A Hit List

Joe McPherson is Korea’s expat food guru, known in many circles for his passion for Korean food. His food blog, ZenKimchi has compiled a massive list of “100 Korean Foods You Gotta Try“. It’s quite possibly the most comprehensive directory of Korean dining diversity and makes a great hit list if you’re in Korea and […]

Making Peace With Itaewon

Not far from Seoul’s landmark tower on Namsan mountain lies Itaewon, a love-it-or-hate-it district made up of a good portion of Seoul’s foreign population.