Cook It With Kimchi

At lunch I sat looking down at my food in awe. Cafeteria food, globally, is not generally looked upon in a favorable light.

Psy Runs Free in Seoul

Last Friday Psy made good on a promise that if Gangnam Style were to take the number one spot in the US charts, he’d put on a free concert in Seoul. Although the song is currently in the number two spot, he went ahead with the show anyway.

Beondaegi: How to Eat Boiled Worms

Anyone venturing into the Asian continent is bound to have an encounter with some form of insect cuisine. In South Korea, Beondaegi (번데기) is the go-to snack for high protein munchies.

The Japanese Idol Room Experience

It’s mid-afternoon in Akihabra. I’ve been in and out of shops all morning, bewildered by cutesy anime characters, girls in costume, tight clusters of shoppers, and an array of noise from every direction. On my way down the street I stop to picture-read another cluster of signs on the side of the road, but I […]


This month in 10 Magazine I was back in Apgujeong to  took a look at a refreshingly unique idea for a restaurant.

Michael and the Maid Cafe

In the weeks leading up to my first trip to the world’s largest megacity, I spent quite a bit of time giggling to myself at some of the options that were presenting themselves to me.

The Alternate Universe of Akiba

In the northeastern side of central Tokyo lies a district like no other place in the world. 

The Gangnam Style Collection

It’s never going to stop. Gangnam Style is everywhere.