Losing Kids

It’s the hardest time of the year.

Squid Vicious

Squid is a staple food in the Korean diet, but South Korean woman got a nasty surprise in her dinner. 

The Meteoric Rise of Korean Food

In a few short years, Korean food has gone from being obscure to a solid member of the world culinary community.

Salt and Butter Review in 10 Magazine

This month’s issue of 10 Magazine features an article I wrote about a newly opened American restaurant in Apgujeong’s famous Rodeo Street. 

The Government is Not Laughing

Freedom of speech is in South Korea’s constitution, but with a few strings attached. 

5 Strategies for Surviving the Rainy Season

After months of dry, sunny weather, rainy season has finally hit Korea. Here’s how to survive the unending barrage of rain. 

The Inconvenient Truth of Dirty Foreigners

An update on Racist MPC Story on Foreigners.


It’s Canada Day.