Scaredy Cat

A bored mascot decides to have a little fun in Gangnam. I was amused.

Virtual Shopping While You Wait

Waiting for the bus or subway train can be unproductive…but now there’s a brilliant solution.

The Great Somaek Spill of 2012

Tragedy strikes in Sinchon.

Racist MBC Story on Foreign Men

Foreign men are sexist, womanizing, HIV-ridden thieves, according to a story aired on MBC in South Korea. 

The Price of Success

South Koreans spend a lot of time and money on education: but money seems to be the defining factor.

15 Things That Aren’t Quite Right

To a foreigner, Korea is one of that countries that sometimes just makes you scratch your head. 

Garlic! The Festival

Namhae, Korea knows how to celebrate one of nature’s most delicious offerenings, festival style.

Saryang Island: One of Korea’s Best Hikes

Taekwondo is officially Korea’s national sport, but hiking may be its most popular. Here’s one of Korea’s best hidden hiking spots.