The Angry Foreigner

If you’ve lived in a foreign country for long enough, chances are you’ve run into the “angry foreigner” at some time or other. Why does it happen? What can you do about it?

Never Trust a Cell Phone

There’s a reason why expats need to learn some basic language skills in their host country. Here’s why you should never trust a cell phone.

Concubine Film Causing a National Debate

Although it hasn’t even been released in theaters yet, Concubine, a new South Korean film is causing a media frenzy.

Sannakji: Is Eating Live Octopus Cruel?

Sannakji, a dish of live octopus, is one of Korea’s most talked about dishes. But is it also cruel? 

The Century Egg

One of the great pleasures of living in Asia is trying new delicacies and tastes. The Century Egg is not one of them.

The Best Gifts Are Coloured in Crayon

Teacher’s Day in South Korea passed last Tuesday.

She’s Off Pitch, But at Least She Can Sing

Jessica Jung of the K-pop group Girls Generation has been getting a lot of attention for a first pitch she threw at a Seoul baseball game last Friday. 

Beach Time in Busan: Korea’s Sunshine Capital

Seoul might hold the official title as South Korea’s capital city, but when the sunshine heats up the beaches, Busan is the place to be.