LEGO Joins the Seoul Skyline

Seoul can now boast building the tallest LEGO tower in the world.

The Wonderful Future: Expo Yeosu Opens Its Doors

After four years of construction, Expo Yeosu is finally opening its doors to the world.

Born This Way Ball Kicks Off in Seoul

Lady Gaga launches her latest tour in Seoul amid protests and demonstrations.

A Nation Known as Taeguk

There is a common desire among expats in Korea that starts to bubble to the surface after living here for a few months. After settling into the ragged groove of English teaching, which is never without its bumps, the urge to take advantage of the primely located Korean peninsula begins to take hold. After not […]

Seoul Lantern Festival 2011

When fall comes in Seoul, it’s time to head to the Cheongye River with a crème brule latte in hand to admire some of the incredible eye-candy that is the Seoul Lantern Festival. Here’s the night in photos.

Year Two

There’s something different about your second year in Korea. Sights once strange are now familiar; cultural norms of your second home. The way that you perceive a new city can change drastically as the months roll by. You learn her darkened streets and alleys, her glowing districts. Not that it looses it’s mystery, only that […]

Eaten Alive by Fish

It has become common knowledge now that visiting a fish spa in Korea has become a must-do in Seoul. Although it was on the top of my list of things to do when I arrived, it somehow got pushed aside for other adventures. But I finally got around to presenting my feet as dinner to […]

The Horror Next Door

No doubt you don’t need to be told about the tragic earthquake and tsunami combination that hit Japan one month ago. But perhaps you may be a little less familiar with the troubled history between Korea and Japan. At the beginning of the 20th century, Japan occupied Korea to horrendous consequence. The national identity of […]