A Palace in the Mountains: Gyongbuk Palace

Sunday The weather here is strange. Late October, and a Sunday afternoon of 20 degrees Celsius. That being said, two days later it’s four. We took a trip to Gyeongbok Palace, a massive royal oasis in the North of Seoul. It is surrounded by craggy mountains, secluded from the chatter of the city. There are […]

One Night in Songtan

Friday Since arriving in Korea I have been outside the city on few occasions. After an invitation to celebrate the birthday of a friend in Songtan I was eager to step outside the Seoul city limits and out farther into the Korean nation. Friday night I leave the school and immediately head to Nambu Bus […]

Letters from Beyond the Black Hole

An open letter to all friends and family of ESL teachers in Korea. Dear World, It’s us. All of us. The sons and daughters of English speaking nations across the globe. We may have left you a few days ago, a few weeks ago, or even years past. And we wanted to apologize. We also […]

Rude Zoo Animals

Went to the Seoul Zoo on September 21st, and met the rudest animal in the park. No, really. He refused to come out of his cave.

The Cocktail Bar at the End of the Universe

Monday Chuseok week has finally begun. As most of the city streams out of the metropolis into small towns, the beaches of Busan and the volcanic hills of Jeju Island, we find ourselves in a much less crowded city. We headed to Hyehwa, a neighbourhood in the northern reaches of Seoul, for dinner. After another […]