Children in a City of Garbage: Inside the Philippines’ Most Notorious Slum

More than half of the residents in the Filipino capital of Manila live  in slums. Few are as notorious as the aptly named Smokey Mountain, a massive landfill that produced so much methane gas that it repeatedly burned for over 40 years. Here’s what I found in the Philippines’ most infamous slum.

Accidentally, On Purpose: Korean Man Publicly Commits Suicide

In Seoul last week a male rights activist jumped off a bridge in Seoul in front of photographers and disappeared into the murky water below.

Crocodile Bites Trainer’s Head, Trainer Likely Gets the Message

Maybe sticking your head in a crocodiles mouth is a bad idea. Maybe when that crocodile decides to chomp down on your relatively tender skull, he’s trying to tell you something.

Red Candles in the Dark: Longshan Temple is One of Asia’s Best

Deep in one of Taipei’s buzzing night markets, surrounded by street vendors and scooter filled streets is one of Asia’s most stunning temples. It’s not the biggest or the oldest, but it might just change the way you see temples forever.

Jjarappappa: Korea’s Greatest Dance Routine?

Korea has a strong fascination with coordinated dance routines, which is immediately evident in the K-Pop scene. But there’s one dance you probably haven’t seen yet, no matter how into Korea you might be…

The Vampire State Building: 8 Landmarks My Students Need to Learn

It’s been a week of exploring global landmarks with my students, and it’s definitely time that they understood a few things about the world. For the last time…

Osaka Rising: Japan’s Most Overlooked City?

Tokyo and Kyoto certainly get their fair share of attention from the world. But Osaka has it’s own thing going on, and it’s rather unique.

The Night I Slept in a Tube: Japanese Capsule Hotels

The Japanese are known for efficiency. They pride themselves on it. So when it came to making a hotel as cheap and efficient, Japan found a way to make it surprisingly minimalistic. And shockingly homey.